2011. június 22., szerda


Sorry, but I have a new name.
I think I need a new name and link.

my new link: http://lifestylefromdebbie.blogspot.com/
and new name: Stacey Turner
new twitter link: http://twitter.com/StaceyTurnerHU

I need some news in my life. Here is the summer!
Please read me more!

love Stacey

2011. június 17., péntek

Oh, my new sweeties!

I got two sweet cats. Don't have name yet, and they are really cute. :D

More photos: HERE

Meet with my old class


Panni & Orsi

Ádám & Edó

Beautiful sunset


"Zsíros kenyér" with onion


with Orsi

with Niki & Andi

Ádám, Edó & Bogi

This train station is look like a place in the horror movie. :D

2011. június 11., szombat

Fabulous Hairstyles Instantly!

Recently, I found a hair stuff.
Good looking and easy to use.
We know works to any hair type and comfortable secure fit.

"For a great hair day, everyday "